Costa del Azahar, Spain

‘ On the Costa Azahar’ is a point of information about the Spanish Orange Blossom Coast, its towns and villages, and the lifestyle it has to offer.

We hope there are topics of interest for residents, people interested in spending their holidays here and those that are considering a move to this beautiful area.

Subjects covered will range from news & weather over local produce and cuisine, book reviews, fiestas and property showcases to photo features of towns and sites.

Where is the Costa del Azahar?

When talking of the Spanish Costa del Azahar or Orange Blossom Coast people usually agree that it starts at the border between the provinces of Catalonia and Castellon in the north. Where it ends in the south is not so clear. Some people say it borders onto the Costa Valenciana at the regional capital of Castellon – this is also the official border according to the Valencian tourist board. Others however state that it stops at the capital of the whole Valencian community – Valencia. An even more “expansionist” version lets the Orange Blossom Coast continue further south past Oliva and Gandia, bordering onto the Costa Blanca. We will concentrate here on the northern part of the Costa del Azahar.

Why should you visit the Costa del Azahar?

Well, lots of reasons. Some of them are the same as for any other Spanish coastal area, like good beaches, the climate, friendly people, lots of fresh seafood & delicious tapas.
Then there are some reasons more specific to the Costa del Azahar, one being that the places on this coast are not at all comparable to the resorts you find on the more southern Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol. The tourism booms of the last century went largely past this area, as there were no airports in the immediate vicinity and a two to three hour transfer on a coach was probably not the ideal scenario for the package tourist of the 1970’s. So, although there is tourism, it is on a much smaller scale.

Another reason are the beautiful interior regions just behind the Orange Blossom Coast, called Baix Maestrat and Alt Maestrat- excellent territory for rural tourism, including walking, off roading, horse riding, cycling. Plus you could easily combine this with a beach holiday, as it is only a short drive from the coast until you reach these unspoilt inner regions. Again, this has to do with a lack of development in the past. Where further south a large area of the hinterland had been developed with masses of urbanisations of holiday homes, the building activity on this stretch of the Costa Azahar has been very limited so far.

In brief, although you could spend your whole holiday by the pool or on the beach, this area is ideal if you seek an active holiday and like exploring.
If you choose to visit the Costa del Azahar you are going to come to real Spain, and English is not as widely spoken as further south. It is advisable to learn at least a few words of Spanish or to bring a phrase book when spending your holidays on the Costa Azahar.