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Book Review: Mediterranean Gardening: A Waterwise Approach

Mediterranean Gardening: A Waterwise Approach, by Heidi Gildemeister (Author)

If you are planning on having a garden in Spain this book is a must-have. Gardening in Spain is quite different to gardening in the more northern countries, as native plants are dormant over the hot summer months, rather than in winter. This means that using the same gardening rules and plants in Spain as in the UK might make your life a lot harder, and also inflate your water bill considerably. ....Continue reading →

Rough Guide to Barcelona – Book Review

Rough Guide to Barcelona, by Jules Brown

If you are planning a short trip to Barcelona, are a regular visitor or are even planning to live in this vibrant city, than this city guide is a good investment. A lot smaller than the Rough Guide to Spain, it is a lot easier to carry around, yet with 300 fact filled pages it by far exceeds the amount of information you get from the general Spain edition.
For the short term visitor or someone who does not know the city at all, the book starts with a section with 16 ‘things not to miss’, giving suggestions what to see if you are pressed for time. ....Continue reading →

Ideas on How to Find the Area in Spain that is Right for You

So you have decided to move to Spain – either giving up your life in another country or combining it with a second home in the sun. You have probably been to Spain before, possibly to different areas, and you might even have an idea where the ideal location for your new Spanish life might be. But how can you be sure – and what if you have no idea where to start looking?
....Continue reading →

Book Review: Drive Around Catalonia

Drive Around Catalonia & The Spanish Pyrenees, by Tony Kelly (Author)

Catalonia is the northern neighbour of Castellon and the Costa del Azahar, which makes it an appealing proposition for day trips or longer excursions. This book combines the traditional guide book with suggestions for tours around different areas of northern Spain (including the Pyrenees, the Basque Country and Cantabria). ....Continue reading →