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Driving up a slightly winding road from the sea towards Cervera del Maestre you can not help but be amazed by the sight of this pretty village wrapped around the top of a hill. Depending on weather, time of day and year it looks different each time and never fails to impress – whether in the bright summer sun or on a misty day when the top of the village seems to disappear in the clouds.

Cervera del Maestre

Where some pretty Spanish villages can disappoint when you take a closer look at them, Cervera is just as picturesque when you walk through its streets and up to the church. It is a mixture of lovingly restored houses and others that seem to be waiting for a new owner to bring them back to former glory. This mixture of new wealth and neglected tumbly stone houses has a certain charm, but there is a lot of restoration work going on, and you can feel that this is not a place where time stands still.

Not surprising really, taking into account that Cervera del Maestre is only a fifteen to twenty minute drive from the towns by the coast and the beaches, offers you fantastic views of the countryside and the coastline, has a pretty municipal swimming pool for its residents and also couple of very nice restaurants.

Cervera del Maestre has an art gallery and is establishing itself as a preferrred location for artists, yoga workshops as well as cycling and walking holidays.

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