Building your own Villa on the Costa Azahar

Not for the faint hearted they said – possibly, but I would say an experience not to be missed and looking back a real achievement, not to mention ending up with your dream home in one of the most beautiful and unspoilt areas of Spain – the Costa Azahar.

Building a villa on the Northern Costa Azahar is possible due to the simple general planning rule of the Valencian community that if you have more than 10.000sqm of farm land (just over 3 acres), you can build, subject to obtaining the necessary planning approvals.

Surrounding the interior villages of the coast line between Peniscola and Vinaros and nestling inconspicuously among the olive, almond and orange groves of the area, there are already  examples of villas built over the last 30 years by nationals from in particular northern Europe.
Finding the right plot of land is not as straightforward as it may appear, and you may need to see several until you find a plot of land that you will instantly feel is the right finca for you. Some key considerations when selecting your plot are the supply of water to the land, such as from water pipes from a nearby village, through buying shares in a water association or the possibility of drilling your own well.
Electricity supply from the grid is not so important these days as solar energy technology has advanced considerably from its early days and in the long run can save on your energy bills.

Once you have found your plot of land you need to instruct an architect who will guide you through the design of your villa and the planning process.  Enjoy and savour the opportunity of putting your ideas for your dream home into a real plan. At the end of the process you will have an architect’s project which includes the technical plans and specifications for the building of your villa, as well as the all important planning licence. With these you are in a position to instruct a builder and start the build.

Building and living in a villa on a small holding is not for everyone, but does have many advantages. You live in a space that you have designed for your own specific use and purpose and that works with the Spanish climate. The proximity to nature is pleasing and calming. There is the possibility to design your own garden, have your own orchards, grow your own vegetables and herbs, as well as make your own wine or press your own olive oil. And with over 10,000sqm of land there will of course be plenty of space to build your own pool.
You will have an abundance of seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables, either your own or given to you from the neighbouring friendly farmers. The maintenance of the land can be an enjoyable exercise, alternatively a local farmer will only be too glad to help out in return for some of the produce of your finca.  Most fincas on the Costa Azahar already have olive, almond or carob trees on the land and regular pruning will ensure you will have a never ending supply of fire wood for your log burner, cutting down on your heating bills.
Being part of the community of a Spanish village, you will soon find yourself getting into the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of village life. You may also find yourself speaking Spanish sooner than you think, at your friendly local bar or at one of the many lively fiestas that take place all year round in the villages.

Living in the Spanish countryside while being so close to the coast gives you the best of both worlds, the relaxed typically Spanish country and village lifestyle yet all the activities offered by the coastal towns and resorts within easy reach.
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