Costa del Azahar Culture and Property Choices

If you are looking to relocate to Spain or buy a second home in the sun, there are good reasons to consider the Costa del Azahar. This is especially the case if you would like to make a real effort to learn about Spanish culture and become part of a community that is essentially still authentically Spanish.

The Choice

Even though there are some urbanisations by the coast where the owners are from mainly international backgrounds, once you venture into the towns and villages of the Costa del Azahar you should have some knowledge of the Spanish language in order to be able to communicate. Even more so if you decide to live outside of the more expat oriented places and buy a property in a village, town, or maybe a finca in the beautiful countryside of the Costa Azahar.




The Double Challenge

There are definitely challenges if you do decide to go the ‘authentic’ route, but it is immensely rewarding to improve your understanding of the Spanish culture and your language skills over time. And this is definitely easier and quicker if you decide to live outside of the expat communities. If you do decide to live in an urbanisation the challenge is a different one, and that is not to fall into the trap of convenience – which means sticking to what you know and socialise exclusively with expats that come from a similar background and speak the same language. Here it takes more of an effort and you have to actively seek that real Spanish connection.

Matching Properties

Real estate available in the area varies greatly with regard to type, price and setting. Especially the village and country properties might be of interest with regard to finding the truly Spanish and Mediterranean lifestyle so many people are aspiring to. And the good news is that properties in both types of settings come in a wide range of prices, so your choice between expat and Spanish setting is not that much determined by price, but by personal preference. To see examples of what is on offer we suggest having a look at properties from Carobtree on the Costa del Azahar.

The Process

One of the wonderful things about the Costa Azahar is the friendliness and openness of its people, which makes it so much easier to start and actually also to enjoy the process of integration. There is a real regional pride and people are very happy if you are making an effort to speak Spanish and show an interest in the Spanish and regional customs and culture. Don’t be shy and don’t be afraid to make mistakes, the more you speak, listen and just live in those Spanish surroundings the easier it gets. You might be surprised how much watching a bit of Spanish television on a regular basis helps as well.

Integrating Lifestyles

I am of course not suggesting forgetting about your own culture and suddenly being Spanish instead. Even though the Costa del Azahar is very authentic you do have international and British people also living in the villages and towns. Just not at all to the same extent as in other areas of the Spanish Mediterranean coast, where in some places towns are actually run by expats. No, here you will be living in Spanish surroundings, but of course there are other expats you can share your experiences and socialize with if and when you wish. I think that here you can have the best of both worlds and easily switch between them or combine them when and how you wish.