Book Review: Drive Around Catalonia

Drive Around Catalonia & The Spanish Pyrenees, by Tony Kelly (Author)

Catalonia is the northern neighbour of Castellon and the Costa del Azahar, which makes it an appealing proposition for day trips or longer excursions. This book combines the traditional guide book with suggestions for tours around different areas of northern Spain (including the Pyrenees, the Basque Country and Cantabria).

Tours start as far south as the Ebro Delta, which can be reached quickly from the Costa del Azahar, and why not explore the areas around Reus and Tarragona after coming off the plane at Reus airport (maybe including a nice lunch in on of the recommended restaurants).

If you would like to spend some more time in Catalonia, there are recommendations for hotels and pensions in a range of price brackets, concentrating on places with character and individualistic charm.
Tours and suggestions cover a wide area of interests, i.e. discover Roman ruins in Tarragona, find out more about the life and work of Salvador Dali, discover the wine country, or see walled towns and castles in the Pyrenean foothills.

Catalonia is featured in 15 different sections, each including maps of the area and a map for the suggested drive (or walk, i.e. for Tarragona, Barcelona and Girona). Plus there are 10 more sections covering Andorra, Aragon, the Basque Country and Cantabria.

Catalonia is a nation rich in history and with an amazing variety of landscapes and towns with different character. If you would like to explore these regions then this book will help you by not only listing all the important sights, beaches, towns etc. but more importantly, by helping you manage this variety and concentrate on what you are actually interested in.

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