Living in a Village House in Spain

If you are interested in Spain and Spanish culture you have certainly come across this typical Spanish type of property. Pretty, often with little balconies and flower pots outside, they make you wonder what the interior might be like.

Naturally, they are all quite individualistic and range considerably in size and layout, but there are a few characteristic features: The typical specimen is quite narrow, in some cases less than three metres. Many are also deep, sometimes occupying the space between two roads and with two entrances.

Village houses can be quite dark, especially if you look at those that back onto another property and only have a couple of windows at the front. A lot of the bedrooms don’t even have windows. But then this is said to keep the houses cool even in the hottest weather.
If you look at the bigger properties they often have nice high ceilings, but look at the more modest houses and you might have to worry about hitting your head if you are taller than average. Especially walking up and down the stairs can be a challenge – and with up to five storeys you’d better remember quickly where you have to duck.

A big plus is the compulsory fitness program that comes with these tall properties, but it is advisable to install a summer kitchen on or close to the top floor, as al fresco dining on the roof terrace might otherwise become a torture rather than a pleasure.
If you are thinking about buying one of these houses there is a big advantage, as the average price per square metre is usually considerably lower if compared to other properties. You might be able to get a nice renovated house for the price of an apartment that is half the size. If you want to renovate a house yourself you might save even more.

But is it worth the longer drive to the beach and the drawbacks that come with this type of property? Probably not for everyone. But if you dream of being in a friendly Spanish environment rather than a touristic or expatriate enclave than you should at least have a look at a couple of these properties.