Rough Guide to Barcelona – Book Review

Rough Guide to Barcelona, by Jules Brown

If you are planning a short trip to Barcelona, are a regular visitor or are even planning to live in this vibrant city, than this city guide is a good investment. A lot smaller than the Rough Guide to Spain, it is a lot easier to carry around, yet with 300 fact filled pages it by far exceeds the amount of information you get from the general Spain edition.
For the short term visitor or someone who does not know the city at all, the book starts with a section with 16 ‘things not to miss’, giving suggestions what to see if you are pressed for time.

The main part of the book is divided into several chapters, ranging from planning your trip and practical tourist information to colour maps and plans, listings (accommodation, eating, nightlife, shopping…) history and also a language section which covers both Catalan and Castilian. The largest part of the book however is devoted to “the city”, with numerous chapters covering the different areas of Barcelona in depth, including its sights and festivals.
There is so much information, yet it has been well structured and is easily accessible. As suggested at the start, this book is an asset whether you just visit for a couple of days and want to see those things in Barcelona you are really interested in, or whether you are going to Barcelona for a lifetime.