Morella is a remarkable place, it is situated about 60km inland from Vinaros on the road to Zaragoza and it is the capital of the interior region of “Els Ports”.


The town lies at an altitude of around 1.000m above sea level.
From a distance it looks very similar to Cervera del Maestre and it is equally as attractive. But as it is on a larger scale it is even more impressive. Like Cervera it is a hilltop town, with the castle occupying the very top, and it is surrounded by a wall dating back to medieval times with a length of around two kilometres.

The whole town is a medieval fortress. The trek up the stairs to the top of the castle does take a little while, but is definitely worth it. From the top you get spectacular views of the whole area and in all directions.

Also worth having a look at are the ‘Iglesia de Santa Maria’ and the ‘Monasterio de San Francisco’.
The municipality of Morella is the largest of Castellon with around 410km2, and with a around 3,000 inhabitants it has a very low population density.

If you come on a day trip you might want to have lunch in one of the great restaurants, and do a bit of shopping for specialities like the local sweets, ham and truffles. If you come to stay for longer you will be able to find some hotels and pensiones in and around Morella.

As Morella is at an altitude of over 1,000metres (3,000 feet) it is usually chillier here than nearer the coast, especially at night.