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If you wish to live on the Costa Azahar chances are you will have outdoor space in which you will do some form of gardening – be it container gardening on your terrace, taking over an established garden or converting a large space on your finca into your Spanish dream garden.

In this section you will therefore find our posts about gardening in this area of Spain. The Mediterranean climate on the Costa Azahar means there will be different possibilities and requirements with regards to planting in general, seasons and plants to choose from.

Book Review: Mediterranean Gardening: A Waterwise Approach

Mediterranean Gardening: A Waterwise Approach, by Heidi Gildemeister (Author)

If you are planning on having a garden in Spain this book is a must-have. Gardening in Spain is quite different to gardening in the more northern countries, as native plants are dormant over the hot summer months, rather than in winter. This means that using the same gardening rules and plants in Spain as in the UK might make your life a lot harder, and also inflate your water bill considerably. ....Continue reading →